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Who participtaes in Hebrew Play?

Families with:


  • Israeli American partner & American partner

  • Jewish American partners

  • Israelis partners

  • Interfaith partners


They all share the value of learning Hebrew in community.  


What People Are Saying About Hebrew Play?


"I wanted to thank you for your remarkable initiative of the play in Hebrew. It has been second round. My middle son, now 6 years old, enjoyed the experience very much, and next, now eighteen months old, enjoys absolutely. I do not have enough words to describe to you the importance of the activities in my native language in a foreign country. I can sing songs with my girl I know the words and melody in an educational program with a variety of other people who enjoy playtime with their children in Hebrew. Thank you."

Hannah Moonshine, Newton.  Hannah and her husband both are Israeli and speak Hebrew at home.  


“Hebrew Play is one of the best early educational childhood experiences for my 2 year old. This program is all around fun for both children and parents where the interaction is learning Hebrew through play. My child looks forward to learning, singing and moving with Tali and she enjoys every minute of the thoughtfully and creatively structured class."

Shirley Williams, Brookline.  She and her husband are both Israeli. They speak both English and Hebrew at home.


"Every morning my daughter asks if it's the day we are going to Hebrew Play. She loves it and I love being able to increase her exposure to Hebrew in such a fun, interactive setting. In just a few weeks she has already picked up some of the songs and seem to be understanding better!"

Keren Wainger, Newton.  Keren speaks French and Hebrew to her children.


"Hebrew Play is a great way to meet new friends, connect to the community, learn new activities, or to have fun outings to take the kids.  There is always something fun, safe and age-appropriate to bring my kids to.  Our son is almost 2 years old and has been going for over a year and the friendships we have made here with other families are really valuable to us."

Ramit & David, Brookline.  Ramit is Israeli and David is American. They speak Hebrew and English at home.


"Hebrew Play was an amazing program for both myself and my daughter, Simone, who took the class when she was 6 mo thru 12 mo. Simone interacted with different instruments and toys while being exposed to Hebrew vocabulary and music that she wouldn't have otherwise listened to, had we not taken the class. I was able to learn the Hebrew words and songs with her while in the class.  I feel so lucky to have been exposed to this program. We truly feel a deeper connection to the Hebrew language and Israel since taking Hebrew Play."

Jamie Richman, Providence.  Jamie and her husband are both American and speak English at home.


"The Hebrew Play LIVE concert was wonderful, and made me feel so lucky to be part of a community that provides such wonderful opportunities for bilingual families like us. I loved that the musicians were so talented, and that they managed to relate to the children so well, as well as all the ways in which the children were encouraged to participate with instruments and movement. Our son, who is 16 months old, really loved hearing and dancing to the songs he knows from Hebrew Play and from home and was obviously enjoying the vibrant atmosphere with so many other children. Thank you very much for such a wonderful morning."

Elisabeth, Brookline.  She speaks German with her son and her husband speaks Hebrew to him.  



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