Make a Donation

Here are suggested levels of giving.   Your generosity is tremendously appreciated and important to us.


$75 - Friend - Lend a Hand                                                                                                                                                                   

Your donation goes towards our day to day maintenance of Hebrew Play communications and programmatic development.


$150 - Good Friend - Support Financial Aid

Your donation contributes to a scholarship fund for families who cannot afford the full class tuition.


$500 - Builder - Build our Library and Musical Instrument Collection  

Our program prides itself on using Hebrew literature and music for children. 


$1000  - Supporter - Affordable Jewish Enrichment

Your donation subsidies the program cost for families to attend.


$1800 - Sustainer - Expand to a New Location                                                                                               

Your donation will go towards the expansion of our library and collection of musical instruments allocated to a new site.       


$5000 - Benefactor - Build the Pipeline 

We receive far more requests to run programs in different locations than we can accommodate every year. Your donation will help us to expand to a new program location and inspire even more young children and new families to experience Hebrew Play.  Gifts at this level are a unique opportunity to ensure the future of our organization.  This would include the development of an exclusive Hebrew Play CD Volume II  tailored to the needs of children 0 - 5 years old and the creation of an academic peer reviewed curriculum that would be used nationally.