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Who is Hebrew Play?

We are families with babies and young children made up of American Jews, Israelis, Israeli-Americans, and interfaith couples gathering together to play in Hebrew!


Americans with a Hebrew background  

Join a Hebrew immersion playgroup so your child will have the gift of learning Hebrew with your example and meet a hevre (group) of Hebrew speaking families.


Americans with little Hebrew background & Interfaith Couples

Parents with  little background learning Hebrew with their child or a nanny/baby-sitter.  Join a Hebrew immersion playgroup to learn Hebrew with your child.  Become part of the Jewish community with a group of other new parents who value learning simple Hebrew through lively Hebrew songs and stories.



Join a Hebrew immersion playgroup so you will preserve your child’s Hebrew while being in an English speaking country and pass on your Israeli childhood culture through familiar songs and books with a hevre of Hebrew speaking families. Caregivers are welcome.

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